Plush Stuffed Vintage


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Expired Listings

  • Vintage 1997 Tyco Talking Redneck Bubba Plush Stuffed Animal
  • Rare Vintage 1980s Mattel Pink Prize Popples Plush Stuffed Toy 12 09
  • KODAK KOLORKINS Zoom Green Vintage Character Plush Stuffed Animal Soft Toy 9
  • Red
  • Vintage GINGERBREAD Girl 11 Plush Doll Handmade? Stuffed Toy Man Boy
  • Asleep Stuffed BAT with String Tag Plush Toy
  • Vintage Plush LYNX Stuffed Animal 1986 World Wildlife Fund NEW with tags
  • 9 Vintage Swib Bunny Rabbit Green White Plush Stuffed Animal Toy 1984
  • Vintage Henry Dog Animal Fair 20 Plush Stuffed Puppy EVC Very Nice Free Ship
  • Vintage 10 Stuffed Plush TIGER LAYING animal toy
  • 1989 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Plush Stuffed Toy VTG MICHELANGELO 15
  • Rare Animal Fair Dinosaur Dino Stegosaurus Vintage Large 26 Plush Stuffed Toy
  • Plush Thumsucker Bear Red Maroon Thumb Sucker Stuffed Animal 11 Vintage
  • Vintage Mary Meyer Plush Turtle in Removable Shell Stuffed Animal Toy with Tags
  • Vintage Blue Kitty Cat Stuffed Animal Plush with Orange Hard Plastic Eyes 8
  • Kitty Kitty Fancy Kittens Vintage 1995 White Purring Kitten Plush Stuffed Animal
  • Vintage My Toy Rubber Face Stuffed Big Bad Wolf Standing Plush Animal Toy 17
  • Vtg Japan Mohair Stuffed Cocker Spaniel Dog Plush Transistor Radio Mid Century
  • Manhattan Toy Vintage 1993 Lion 16 Plush Stuffed Animal
  • Nose Music
  • rare vintage Lisa Frank Bonnie the duck plush stuffed animal chick Bonnet Beanie
  • Vintage CM Paula Hot Pink Congratulations Plush Stuffed Monster Doll 5
  • Vintage 1980 Betco Stuffed Beanbag Puppy Dog Plush Heart Nutshells
  • Vintage Rare ANIMAL FAIR PLUSH 19 RED OCTOPUS Stuffed Animal CUTE
  • Vintage 1998 Lisa Frank Beanies Roary White Polar Bear Plush Stuffed Animal
  • RARE Vintage Crash Test Dummy Dummies BOOM Play By Play Plush Stuffed Toy
  • Vintage Curious George monkey small plush stuffed animal
  • RARE Vintage RUSHTON Rubber face Original Valentine Animal Plush Stuffed Fox
  • Vintage Pastel Orange Stuffed Plush Kitten Cat Made In Japan 13
  • Rare Vintage Steiff Knopf Im Ohr German Made Germany Plush Stuffed Bear 019333
  • Vintage Kenner grabbits bunny rabbit plush stuffed Greta 1989
  • Vintage Henry 1971 Dog Plush Stuffed Animal
  • Vintage 1980s Mattel Plush Stuffed Poochie Dog Pink White Poodle
  • Vintage 1950's 1960's Antique Stuffed Plush My Toy Puppy Dog Gund Rushton Mattel
  • Vintage Henry Puppy Dog Gold Plush 1971 Animal Fair 13 Haiti Stuffed Animal
  • Vintage Plush Stuffed Bears Pink Knickerbocker Donkey Panda Bear Stuffed Animals
  • Large Vintage 16 Stuffed Plush SQUIRREL animal toy
  • Vintage Alf 18 Inch Plush Stuffed Animal 1986 Alien Productions Coleco
  • Vintage Mid Century Lamb Plush Stuffed Character Animal 13 Inches Green Eyes
  • Vintage Toy Stuffed Animal Plush Rabbit Bunny Wire Bendy Ears
  • Vintage Animal Fair Clyde Stuffed Plush Dog 1974 11
  • Vintage Jerry Elsner Plush Green Frog Toad Stuffed Animal Toy
  • Sanrio 1985 Hello Color Penguin Plush Hello Kitty Pet Sam Vintage Stuffed Animal
  • Vintage American Tribune Media Services plush stuffed Animal Crackers moose u14
  • Vintage Stuffed Lamb Atlanta Novelty Gerber Precious Plush 12 x 19 Large w Tag
  • Vintage The Get Along Gang Portia Porcupine Stuffed Plush
  • Black Kitty Kitten Vintage 1995 Stuffed Animal
  • 1987 Brush A Loves Stuffed Plush Bear Toy White by TYCO Vintage RARE VHTF
  • 1985 8 Lamb Plush E.F. Mutton Stuffed Sheep New England Vintage w Tag
  • Rare Vintage 16 Fiesta Brand Lying Wolf 5126 Plush Stuffed Animal Unused Toy
  • Rare Vintage 1977 Russ Berrie Waddle Duck Plush Stuffed Animal
  • Vintage 1985 AVON SOMERSAULTS Plush Stuffed CHARLEY BARLEY Vegetable Potato
  • Vintage Amtoy American Greetings plush stuffed animal sleepy time sleeping bear
  • Vintage Plush SNOW LEOPARD Stuffed Animal 1986 World Wildlife Fund NEW tags
  • Vintage Gorilla Ape Monkey plush stuffed Animal lot Holding Eating Banana police
  • Etone Plush Duck Stuffed Animal Blue Overalls Vintage
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